Obsidian Woven Bracelet

Obsidian Woven Bracelet

Wrap bracelet, weaving made by hand in small obsidian beads.

Waxed cotton.

Adjustable wrist circumference.

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Pierres semi-précieuses

Properties of obsidian

Obsidian is a vitreous volcanic glass composed of black silica with some nuance.

Generally in lithotherapy, black obsidian is a stone with powerful energy virtues which opens up to spirituality. It is also a very protective stone that acts as a powerful shield and effectively protects against the energies and negative influences of others.

A rooting stone, it anchors the mind in the body and stimulates growth on all levels. It is a liberating stone because it allows the truth to come to light by confronting one's "real self" to the depths of oneself in order to allow us to reach the true origins of our problems. In addition, this stone has a purifying action on the energies thus released. Wisely used, it refocuses the dispersed energy and promotes emotional liberation.

On a physical level, it is a stone known to relieve arthritis.

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