Apatite bracelet

Apatite bracelet

Bracelet made by hand in apatite beads of 4 or 6 mm mounted on elastic.

Stretch 19 cm wrist circumference.

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Pierres semi-précieuses

Blue phosphorite Apatite is a glowing stone. Partially translucent, it reflects an intense and deep blue and turquoise light reminiscent of the beauty of summer sky or the depths of a calm sea. We can also see there a representation of our planet earth.

It is particularly suitable for the heart chakra on which it acts to bring appeasement of the emotions as well as the reconquest of oneself. However, it has a potential for action on the other chakras and would develop the expression as well as the ability to'listen.

The other particularity of blue phosphorite Apatite is that it acts as a real amplifier on other stones so that they reveal their potential more intensely.

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