Amethyst wrap bracelet

Amethyst wrap bracelet

Splendid bracelet woven on a leather cord and composed of amethyst beads and 4 mm faceted metallic beads.

Bracelet made by hand.

Length of the wrap: 60 cm or about 20 cm after having rolled it 3 times.

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Property of amethyst

TheAmethyst promotes dreams and intuition. It calms the mind and allows you to pick up messages from your subconscious.

It facilitates spiritual practice such as meditation, yoga or Reiki. It allows people with depression and those who tend to think too much to break free from the never-ending cycle of thoughts that assail them.

This mineral has properties of purification of the aura of the wearer, allowing him a better open-mindedness. Its action is so effective that it is also well known to calm headaches.

Amethyst is known to heal impatience, balance the energies of the higher spheres, bring clarity and help to keep rooted in the earth.

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