Multicolored agate wrap bracelet

Multicolored agate wrap bracelet


Splendid bracelet in refreshing colors made by hand.

This weaving on leather cord is entirely composed of 3 mm multicolored agate beads.

Length of the wrap: 60 cm or about 20 cm after having rolled it 3 times.


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Properties of agate in lithotherapy

Agate has been a lucky stone since the dawn of time. It is also an anchor stone, which carries with it serenity, courage and the joy of living. Charged with positive and benevolent energy, it harmonizes the balance between physical, emotional and intellectual. It thus helps to overcome energy blockages and stabilizes the aura or energy of the physical body. It also strengthens ties to the world.

Agate guides you towards a greater openness that will broaden your vision and channel the positive influences of your environment. Symbol of the relationship with others, it will give meaning to your love life and your sentimental relationships.

On the psychological level, agate calms anxieties and helps to gain self-confidence. It helps to disarm inner anger to dispel emotional shocks to instill a sense of security.

It gives courage and sincerity, it supports the work on oneself, as well as the expression of what is important to you.

Agate helps focus and promotes memories as well as

extra-sensory perceptions of hidden elements. It stimulates clairvoyance and is ideal for meditation. In its spiritual awakening, it sharpens cerebral responsiveness and inspires new ideas. This new awareness helps to gain height in the face of events, and problems are alleviated thanks to a better ability to put things into perspective.

Agate is known to also soothe the environment in which it is placed by bringing calm and luck. Placed in the room of a suffering person, the agate will restore morale and courage.

On the physical level, agate would relieve respiratory problems, digestion, kidney problems as well as sore throat. It would stabilize the heart rate and help eliminate toxins. It would support the resorption of tissue damage and relieve the pain of childbirth. Agate is also said to have both preventive and restorative properties against insect bites.


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