Multi pearl wrap bracelet

Multi pearl wrap bracelet


Cuff woven on a brown leather cord and composed of genuine clear and gray raw freshwater pearls, hematite pearl and metal, as well as a row of faceted crystal pearls.

This splendid cuff brings the pearl up to date.

For such a chic casual look.

Wrap to roll up on 5 layers

Total length: 82.55 cm + 3 closing positions


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Pearl properties in lithotherapy

On the mental level

The various ancestral virtues associated with the pearl are the softness and tenderness associated with the feminine spirit. It is generally used to alleviate sadness and nervousness.

Depending on its color, the pearl will have subtly different virtues.

When the pearl has a white surface, it is automatically associated with a sign of purity and spirituality. If on the other hand it has shades of beige, then we associate it with a virtue of softness and soothing functions. When the white pearl this time has shades of gray, it has the virtue of discretion and modesty, qualities highly sought after in certain ancient civilizations. The white pearl with pink undertones is directly associated with love, tenderness and affection. The white pearl with green reflections is very sought after, because it naturally calms anxiety and has soothing virtues. It is very often used in the context of relaxation. When it is white with blue reflections on the surface, it is the creative and artistic side that will be emphasized. Finally, the black pearl, contrary to certain popular beliefs, is intended to be protective with very important psychological and physical benefits.

Properties of the pearl on the physical level

The pearl is associated with a relaxing effect. According to Ayurvedic medicine, it would be very beneficial for decalcification problems. It would also be effective on sight disorders.

Hindus use pearls for its ability to revive energy and essential body functions.


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