Aventurine bracelet

Aventurine bracelet

Hand woven bracelet.

Genuine leather and cylindrical natural stone beads.

Adjustable wrist circumference: 16.5 cm and more.

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Aventurine properties

It is a stone of peace, balance and openness of consciousness, the effect of which would be magnified by associating it with rose quartz. Theaventurine brings inner tranquility thanks to its anti-stress effect. It thus helps to fight the difficulties to fall asleep. It is particularly useful for calming anger and developing more self-control.

Aventurine is also found to be very useful in calming overly excited children. It helps them to flourish, by promoting their openness to others and to the world. It develops their sense of adventure. In combination with rose quartz, it is useful for the treatment of speech disorders in children.

Associated with a smoky quartz, it helps to start on new bases with optimism. The energy it releases allows you to regain self-confidence and clarify ideas for decision-making in complicated situations.

The aventurine also increases the creative spirit and determination. It contributes to greater autonomy and promotes access to new ideas, concepts, and faculties, ideal for creation and study.

Aventurine is finally considered a stone of luck and optimism. The couple green aventurine / citrine turns out to be a powerful combination to attract good luck and abundance.

From a physical point of view, theaventurine would fight fever, relieve skin problems (scarring, eczema, great effectiveness on acne). It also promotes by opening the chakras, a healthy circulation of energy for good physical vitality.

In pregnant women, aventurine can soothe nausea and pain associated with pregnancy. It also allows infants to stimulate growth and relieve them in the event of pain due to the appearance of teething.

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