Rose quartz and turquoise bracelet

Rose quartz and turquoise bracelet


Bracelet made by hand.

Round rose quartz beads and square turquoise.

Bracelet adjustable to your wrist from 16 cm.


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Properties of rose quartz in lithotherapy:

The rose quartz stone is the bearer of peace, love, and especially self-love, tenderness and friendship. The latter is directly connected to the heart chakra.

Its soft and reassuring energy will soothe stress and facilitate sleep. It will bring confidence and a more accurate view of situations. Rose quartz diffuses a pleasant atmosphere filled with love, promoting understanding and conflict-free communication.

Stone of choice for children to bring them love and a sense of security.

It supports people with depression and promotes rapid healing, whether physical or moral. Rose quartz helps relieve burns and stimulates the circulatory system as well as the kidneys.

The properties of rose quartz are increased tenfold in association with black tourmaline and aventurine.

Properties of the turquoise :

On the mental level in lithotherapy, stone turquoise allows you to calm down and calm all forms of anger. It also increases the'empathy and soothes all tensions. On the heart chakra, the turquoise strengthens'friendship and the'love. Mood is stabilized, anger calmed and inner calm regained. The turquoise thus avoids changing mood randomly and without reason. It fights against fatigue, against contrasting moods and instinctual reactions.

Turquoise will develop personal development and can be used at the level of the throat chakra to obtain letting go, a boost in self-confidence, and thus promote Communication with others by improvingexpression and listening. Lithotherapists use turquoise at the level of the 3rd eye chakra to develop intuitions and strengthen each meditation.

On the physical level, the virtues of turquoise stone focus on pain relief and'appeasement of the nervous system. At the level of the sacral chakra, turquoise helps cleanse and regulate bodily fluids. On the heart chakra, it helps regulate the nervous system and strengthen the immune system. On the solar plexus, turquoise will help fight not only against poisoning but also against excess. Finally, on the throat chakra, it will help to heal dysfunctions of the lungs and those of the throat.

The turquoise stone will strengthen the bodily meridians as well as the energy fields. Always with the aim of limiting excess, turquoise decreases acidity and regulates food. It is widely used by lithotherapists to treat the stomach, rheumatism, cramps and other pains. This stone is a detoxifier and an anti-inflammatory. Turquoise also helps to strengthen eyesight.


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