Pendants Miyuki bleus

Magnificent pair of earrings made by hand in mijuki weaving.

This jewelry is at the same time original, fine, elegant and sparkling.

It is suitable for special occasions as well as for everyday life because it remains surprisingly light, fluid and comfortable to wear.

Earrings that will not go unnoticed.

Length: 12cm

Weight: 28g

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miyuki (hiragana: み ゆ き, pronounced "mi-you-qui") is a feminine Japanese given name.

Miyuki weavings come from a Japanese tradition that dates back to the middle of the last century. The weavings are made from fine pearls which have the particularity of being very regular. Japanese finesse and meticulousness combined give birth to jewels of perfection. They are undoubtedly original artistic achievements with mostly geometric shapes. We rarely find pieces with a figurative design that we will not fail to present to you occasionally.

The jewels are thin and light, so that they are discreet and are very comfortable to wear. However, they are so unique and shimmering that they will never go unnoticed.

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