Amazonite Cross Necklace

Amazonite Cross Necklace


Necklace in natural amazonite stone with a cross covered in gold metal as a pendant.

Long necklace inspired by the Tibetan mala intended for meditation.

Length of the necklace: 86 cm.


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Amazonite properties

On the psychological level, the Amazonite stone is particularly similar to the turquoise, offering the main virtues of tenderness. Amazonite is a calming stone, especially when it comes to the feeling of frustration. Amazonite stone helps fight against states of sadness, it helps regulate emotionality as well as libido, whether it is a lack of desire or an obsessive problem.

Wear it and you will immediately feel a sense of inner peace, balance and happiness.

It has a powerful energy, like the river from which it bears the name, it symbolizes the courage of the Amazon warriors to whom it pays homage, but it is nevertheless able to tame and calm negativity and anger.

This stone encourages truth, courage and self-discovery.

Sporting a color ranging from green to turquoise, theamazonite vibrates with a relaxing and revitalizing aura, reminiscent of a flowing river.

He will be invited into his life to reconnect with his inner wisdom. She will then become a guide to orient her life on an aligned path.

Healing stone, It calms the central nervous system, therefore it will be favorable to fight against diseases where stress is an aggravating factor. It helps relieve cardiovascular disease, cholesterol, triglyceride, liver and kidney problems. This stone is particularly recommended for problems related to the lymphatic and respiratory system. It relieves joint pain and cramps. It promotes the absorption of calcium and proves to be an ally in the fight against weakening of bones and cavities. This stone fights against hair loss and relieves dermatological problems. It would also help in disturbances of the vaginal flora and erection problems.

Amazonite is given some protection against electromagnetic waves, microwaves, and electrostatic waves that it would have the capacity to absorb.


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