Imperial jasper and obsidian bracelet

Imperial jasper and obsidian bracelet


Wrap bracelet 3 strands woven on a leather cord made of obsidian beads and 4 mm imperial jasper.

Bracelet made by hand.

Length of the wrap: 60 cm or about 20 cm after having rolled it 3 times.


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Properties of obsidian

Obsidian is a vitreous volcanic glass composed of black silica with some nuance.

Generally in lithotherapy, black obsidian is a stone with powerful energy virtues which opens up to spirituality. It is also a very protective stone that acts as a powerful shield and effectively protects against the energies and negative influences of others.

A rooting stone, it anchors the mind in the body and stimulates growth on all levels. It is a liberating stone because it allows the truth to come to light by confronting one's "real self" to the depths of oneself in order to allow us to reach the true origins of our problems. In addition, this stone has a purifying action on the energies thus released. Wisely used, it refocuses the dispersed energy and promotes emotional liberation.

On a physical level, it is a stone known to relieve arthritis.

Properties of Imperial Jasper

Blue Imperial Jasper is a fascinating natural stone. It is tinted with marbled colors quite unique.

It is a stabilizing and balancing stone which harmonizes energies and allows a solid anchoring which ensures authority and inner strength. Thus, it stimulates quick thinking, imagination, creativity and initiative.

By its ability to anchor us in the present moment, eIt helps in the good management and the setting up of the current tasks.

It is a stone which also makes it possible to clean the places in which it is placed. Jasper makes it possible to reconnect to the earth and eliminate electro-magnetic pollution. This stone is often present in therapists' offices because it soothes the places and revives the energy that is there. It is an anchor stone which also brings serenity and unity to the environment, and helps cohesion.

It is particularly effective in protecting against negative influences and in reducing stress. If you find it difficult to relax and unwind, a blue imperial jasper stone can help you feel more serene and relaxed.

If you have goals or dreams that you want to achieve, he can also help you by giving you the energy and will to see things through.

The blue imperial jasper corresponds to the sacral chakra and is attached to the mother, thus representing the feminine aspect while remaining very stable. The Imperial Jasper defuses all toxic ties attached to the mother, her expectations and projections, and helps us create our own identity and our own laws.

In addition, this stone allows us to reconnect with the feeling of love; it develops in us benevolence and humility, patience and wisdom, conscience and compassion.

On a physical level, blue imperial jasper can give you tone all over your body and help lower your risk of disease. It is known to act on the digestive system, tone the faith, the gall bladder and the pancreas.

It can also be of great benefit to people with back pain, abdominal pain, or people who regularly have muscle cramps.

We can also use this stone in order to soothe pain in the stomach, kidneys, spleen and bladder.

It is said that this stone is highly recommended for people who practice fasting because it brings a considerable energy gain.


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