Lava stone wrap bracelet

Lava stone wrap bracelet


Wrap bracelet woven on a camel leather cord made of 6 mm lava stone beads.

Bracelet made by hand.

Lava rock can be used for diffusing essential oils or perfume.

Wrap length: 17 cm adjustable (several positions)


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Properties of lava stone in lithotherapy

Coming from the matrix of the world and infused by the energy of Mother Earth and Fire, the frozen lava carries with it rebirth and rooting.

Lava rock reconnects and anchors body and mind in the present and reality. By balancing the mind, it rids it of unnecessary beliefs and primitive fears. By soothing doubts and questions, lava stone allows you to go fearlessly into the unknown and to surpass yourself in joy and harmony.

An excellent ally for self-knowledge and psychological reconstruction, lava stone helps overcome trauma, subconscious blockages and negative and excessive emotions. The energy of rebirth helps us to accept the present and welcome the future with serenity.

Its rough appearance contrasts with the softness of the heat it contains. The fire power it contains is converted into reassuring positive energy which helps to overcome the difficulties of everyday life. Soothing and joyful, it positively influences the wearer, giving them courage, strength and self-confidence.

This calming and balancing stone also has a great effect on anger, frustration, and irritability.

To benefit from its benefits, it is ideal to wear it as a bracelet, or simply a pearl as a pendant.

Physical properties

Lava rock is highly valued for its heat refractory characteristics, especially for hot stone massage. This basalt stone has the refractory power to retain and diffuse heat in a gentle and continuous manner. It would therefore have the power to spread its heat to the organs to revitalize them. It loosens by this heat diffuses the muscles and soothes nervous tensions.

It is also believed to help improve fertility. Its properties improve the functions of the organism and strengthen the organs. Its stimulating power improves our bodily well-being by providing strength and stability both mentally and physically.

Porous and light, it also allows the essential oils to be pleasantly diffused. A few drops of lavender essential oil to soothe or lemon to stimulate on the jewelry worn are enough for a long and beneficial diffusion.


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