Falcon eye bracelet

Falcon eye bracelet


Bracelet in 6 mm blue tiger eye beads, also called hawk eye, mounted on elastic.

Falcon's Eye is a stone emanating a shimmering blue due to the reflection of light by its fibrous structure.

Stretch 19 cm wrist circumference.


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TheEye of Faucon is a variety of theEye of tiger with blue reflections. TheEye de Faucon is the stone from which is formed theEye Tiger, which is why it is also called the Eye of the Blue Tiger. the two stones therefore have almost the same properties in lithotherapy and are two protective stones.

Very similar to the tiger eye, the hawk eye nevertheless has some differences:

It is a stone of tolerance and openness new ideas, especially towards oneself. The Eye of the Blue Tiger therefore promotes change to make room for new ideas, and develops listening to others. It allows you not to be influenced by your moods and to remain lucid.

It develops intuition and psychic faculties, which also helps to clarify dreams.

The stone is beneficial for the eyes and eyesight in general. The effects of the Blue Tiger's Eye are truly effective, particularly in the development of the sense of observation and the precision of sight. At the same time, it treats headaches. The Blue Tiger's Eye is a very good regulator of the respiratory system. It promotes the soothing of hoarseness as well as the purification of the bronchi. This is an excellent stone for communication professionals.

On the karmic level, the Root Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra would be the chakras of choice for the Blue Tiger Eye.


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