Fluorite mala necklace with heart

Fluorite mala necklace with heart


Tibetan Mala necklace made by hand and can be worn either as a necklace or as a bracelet.

108 natural fluorite beads of 6mm strung on a stretchy thread.

Tree of life medallion.

Necklace length: 74 cm


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Virtues of Fluorite on the psychic level

Fluorite is considered a stone of protection for the psychic. It is known to improve the ability to concentrate, to provide lucidity, intuition, impartiality and intellectual clarity. It allows you to dissipate mental and emotional disorder and mobilize your capacities to anchor yourself and direct your attention towards a specific objective. It helps to structure and reorganize daily life. It facilitates decision-making, learning, meditation.

Spiritual accelerator, it shakes up fixed ideas and allows you to get out of narrow thoughts. It gives access to a much richer and more encompassing image of reality. It brings out the illusion and puts the finger on the truth. It is a great help when you have to find an idea or act with complete impartiality and objectivity. It is a stone that brings to the surface all the repressed feelings. It gives access to the subconscious, thus offering the opportunity to be able to resolve buried psychic conflicts. At the psychological level, it makes it possible to question entrenched behaviors and transform them.

A stone of well-being, it soothes fears and absorbs negative energies that cause stress, including electromagnetic stress. It relieves anger and is notoriously effective against states of sadness. It is a precious help for those who want to free themselves from psychological blockages, feelings of stagnation and inertia. It is an ideal stone for meditation because it brings serenity and appeasement.

Fluorite helps to gain self-confidence, and to be more sure of one's feelings. It reveals and thus helps to discern the external influences and to detach oneself from them. The fluorite stone is recommended in cases of psychic manipulation or unwanted mental influences.

Virtues of Fluorite on the physical level

Fluorite acts positively on neuropathy and bone problems. It helps to solve many dermatological inconveniences. It is used for its healing power to reduce wounds. It helps reduce blood pressure and discomfort. It detoxifies the body. It strengthens the immune defenses.

Each color has its own characteristics:

Green fluorite acts favorably on the mucous membranes, the sinuses, and helps strengthen the immune system.

Violet Fluorite increases the number of dreams that give access to the subconscious and speak symbolically to the consciousness. It is a stone of intuitions, of great open-mindedness.

Yellow fluorite inspires joy, lightness in life. It galvanizes memory and intellectual qualities.

Blue fluorite clears the lungs, clears and smoothes breathing. A feeling of freshness invades you. Stone of expression and creativity, it relieves tired eyes.

Pink Fluorite soothes, it speaks to our heart, it breathes peace into the aura.

White fluorite has great powers of spiritual and psychic opening.


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