Crystal Amulet Necklace

Crystal Amulet Necklace


Cord necklace with rock crystal pendant.

Necklace size: 42cm

Pendant size: 40 mm


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Properties of Rock Crystal

Rock crystal is the queen stone in lithotherapy, it is certainly the most used among hundreds of minerals. Its transparent white appearance is synonymous with purity, its most famous representation is the rock crystal gem, transparent and crystallized in a natural point. But it can also be opaque white, so we will call it white quartz instead. the name of rock crystal is a name given to quartz when it is translucent.

Spiritual properties

Rock crystal is a powerful stone that opens the mind to new ideas and helps fight against psychorigid tendencies. This stone allows us to open up to the subtle and the spiritual dimension. We will avoid wearing a rock crystal if we are already very open with a natural ability to feel the subtle. In this case, while wearing it, a feeling of euphoria or invulnerability may arise. It will therefore be necessary to take care not to lose footing, lithotherapy aims for harmony. We will then wear it occasionally or associated with an inking stone such as black tourmaline if we feel losing our feet or if your medium has become too accentuated. Rock crystal is also used on any type of chakra to open and strengthen it.

Physical properties

Rock crystal is very strongly focused on the highest energies of our being. His actions will be done primarily on the spiritual and the mind. For any mental disorder, one should avoid wearing a stone that strongly opens the mind such as rock crystal or you risk worsening the disorders. Rock crystal allows you to be more sensitive. People with mental disorders need the opposite: stability, material anchoring, a return to a structure in the physical concrete.


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