Sodalite bracelet 3 strands

Sodalite bracelet 3 strands


Handmade sodalite pearl bracelet.

Sodalite natural stone beads alternated with faceted golden beads.

Adjustable wrist circumference: 16.5 cm and more.


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Properties of Sodalite

Sodalite natural stone has properties very similar to Lapis-lazuli. It helps us control our emotions and frees us from mental rigidity while stimulating our logical thinking. She struggles with feelings of guilt and anguish. Sodalite is a stone that reduces fear. It soothes, clears the mind and promotes communication and creative expression. It can also develop mediumship thanks to its properties which contribute to the clarification of the mind. Sodalite allows alignment of the upper chakras.

Long-term, it helps to acquire stability, logic, rationality, and self-control. It stimulates the confidence and esteem of oneself and of others.

It encourages virtues such as solidarity, loyalty, humility and courage.

Hypersensitive people really like this stone which can help them refocus.

Each sodalite stone has its own characteristics according to its colors:

The white veined sodality brings even more light to the spirit. Dark zone sodality provides good protection against negative influences. Sodalites which have a pearly surface are particularly effective as protection in introspective work.

Sodalite would also act against hypertension.


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