Lapis lazuli bracelet

Lapis lazuli bracelet


Handmade bracelet in 8mm lapis lazuli beads mounted on elastic.

Stretch 19 cm wrist circumference.

Size: 6 mm
Pierres semi-précieuses: Lapis Lazuli

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In lithotherapy, lapis lazuli is a stone that stimulates creativity, intuition, concentration and clarity of mind. In Egypt it was a stone of wisdom often carved in the shape of a scarab.

Lapis Lazuli also acts on the Third Eye Chakra by promoting the development of our clairvoyance abilities. This stone has excellent intuitive and visionary power. It could be used by clairvoyants to sharpen their perceptions, but also by everyone to clarify the clear mind.

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of inner tranquility that gives self-confidence and facilitates expression by acting mainly on the Throat Chakra. Its vibration will regulate people who quickly give in to anger by allowing them to express themselves more calmly.

It is also an excellent stone for shy people because it will greatly facilitate their expression, it will help them to think freely and regain self-confidence. It will even treat stuttering, speech problems and boost the proper functioning of the thyroid.

Lapis lazuli is also used to help improve vision problems. It decreases dandruff and reduces skin problems. It has a cooling effect on fevers. It would be wise to avoid wearing it if you have a problem of too low blood pressure because this stone lowers blood pressure. For people with hypertension, however, it will be an asset.

Lapis lazuli can improve certain allergic symptoms.


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